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Anonymous asked: I love your blog. One of the reasons I watch the show Merlin is because I've been collecting Arthuriana since I was a kid. It is so nice to find someone who also loves the legends and not just the actors of a TV show (though I will admit, they are good-looking people).

Thank you! We’re glad to have you!

Tristan und Isolde by Herbert Draper (1863-1920)

N.C. Wyeth.

Power, Courtly Love and a Lack of Heirs.... ›


If anyone is interested in the different takes on the Guinevere of canon, this article is a good place to start (if you don’t mind academic journal articles.) The above link is to the abstract, the link to the actual article PDF file is further down.

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The Passing of Arthur” by Julia Margaret Cameron (1875)

“Miracles are to come.
With you I leave a remembrance
of miracles: they are by
somebody who can love
and who shall be continually reborn,
a human being.”

~ e.e. cummings


Iragine, lady of Tingtagel.

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Then rose the dumb old servitor, and the dead,
Oared by the dumb, went upward with the flood—
In her right hand the lily, in her left
The letter—all her bright hair streaming down—
And all the coverlid was cloth of gold
Drawn to her waist, and she herself in white
All but her face, and that clear-featured face
Was lovely, for she did not seem as dead,
But fast asleep, and lay as though she smiled.

- Alfred Lord Tennyson, Idylls of the King: Elaine (extract)

(Image: ‘Elaine’, Illustrations for Idylls of the King by Gustave Doré)


Guinevere: My father told me great tales of you.

Arthur: Really? And what did you hear?

Guinevere: Fairy tales. The kind you hear about people so brave, so selfless, that they can’t be real.”

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